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Grain dryer or the main direction of rural machinery purchase in the future
Release Time:2015-10-20 14:29:28
China began to popularize grain drying technology in 2004, but the amount of grain dried by mechanical drying only accounts for about 1% of the total grain output in the country every year, which is far below the level of 95% in developed countries.
In fact, grain dryer has been in the scope of agricultural machinery subsidy catalogue, but because of the high cost of use, and most farmers feel that the dryer is only emergency equipment, only used for more than ten days a year, input and output are not equal, so its promotion speed is not satisfactory, compared with the demand, the gap is far.
At present, 90% of our grain is dried by grain enterprises. Because of the high cost of drying, farmers do not choose to dry even if they have drying equipment.
  “Dryers are expensive to purchase and consume a lot of energy, so it is not easy to make money at present.。” Many peasant friends confess that according to the standard of 78 cents per kilogram of grain, the cost of drying a ton of grain is 780 yuan. But the purchase cost of a dryer is close to 150,000 yuan, if the customer volume is small, it will not make money.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2013, the central and local financial subsidies purchased 6958 grain drying machines, totaling 326 million yuan, benefiting 4294 farmers.
However, due to the limitation of the state subsidies for agricultural machinery, it is difficult for farmers and large grain farmers to buy one household of dryers, and grain processing enterprises do not have the state subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery. To solve this problem, three points must be considered. First, the purchase of mobile grain dryers by grain processing enterprises should be included in the scope of subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase, and grain processing enterprises should be encouraged to purchase mobile grain dryers. Second, special subsidies for grain drying should be started to narrow the gap between drying costs and drying costs. It is to standardize the behavior of grain processing enterprises to purchase wet valley directly, and to prevent processing enterprises from buying wet valley at a low price.
It is reported that this year the Ministry of Agriculture will further increase subsidies for grain drying equipment to reduce farmers'purchase costs. From the current situation of drying machinery popularization and application in China, it is more crucial to reduce the cost of use.