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MMJP120×4AWhite rice grading sieve
Product introduction:
MMJP120×4A White rice grading sieve is a new type of white rice grading equipment with spring strut structure. It uses the difference of rice particle size to separate whole rice, ordinary rice, big crushed rice and small crushed rice through continuous sieving of four different diameter circular hole sieve plates, so as to achieve the purpose of white rice grading. The machine can also be used for the classification of white rice and is an ideal equipment in the screening and finishing process of modern rice milling enterprises.

Technical parameters:

With 6-point spring strut structure, the machine has stable and reliable performance, good balance and durability.
Four-layer sieve plate was used to extract whole rice twice with high yield and good separation effect.
The motor equipped with stepless speed regulation mechanism has the advantages of large speed range, small inertia, high reliability and long sieving stroke.
The content of broken rice in whole rice is less, and the output and grading effect can be adjusted flexibly according to the needs of users.