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Grain drying equipment

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To demonstrate the application drying production line

With the company's own R & D and production of Mori 5HPS series 15 tons of grain dryer as the main equipment, the single batch drying capacity of 150 tons of low temperature batch circulation environmental protection grain drying system shows the application demonstration production line. The application demonstration is mainly integrated by four systems: grain dust removal and impurity raising system, grain lifting system, grain drying system and computer remote control system. It realizes remote computer control in the whole process and has a high level of automation.
The application demonstration production line mainly demonstrates the combined application of 15 tons grain dryer, which has the leading advantage in technology and fills the national gap in key technologies such as product structure and control technology. Emphasis is placed on the integration of solutions, the grain conveying system, drying system, dust treatment system, control system and other unified considerations, to provide customers with energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient and safe complete sets of equipment.