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TQSX85 QSX gravity type stone machine


TQSX85 Suction specific gravity stone remover is mainly used for grain processing. It can remove shoulder stones and heavy impurities in wheat, paddy, soybean, peanut, rapeseed and rice. The stone removing process of this machine is that the raw grain is suspended under certain wind force and moves downward along the incline of sieve plate to export by gravity, while stones and heavy impurities. Then it sinks to the bottom of the grain and moves along the screen surface to remove the stones under the drive of the fish scale sieve plate, thus completing the stone removal process.

Technical parameters:

Higher stone removal efficiency, stone removal sieve plate for fish scale plate structure, suitable for processing high stone content of raw grain.
The operation is simple and the structure is compact.
For different materials, the inclination angle of the stone-removal sieve plate can be adjusted in the range of 10-14 degrees in order to obtain the ideal technological effect.
External fan, whole seal, dust-free, to meet the ideal environmental protection requirements. Reciprocating swing structure, rubber bearings are used at the twisted joint, which has low vibration and noise.
The transmission adopts self-aligning bearing and anti-loosening device, which makes the mechanical performance more stable.