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5L-45Multi-functional environment-friendly stove

The company independently developed 5L series multi-functional environmental friendly hot stove, which provides heat source for dryer. Temperature can be set arbitrarily, thermal efficiency is high, equipped with domestic leading automatic constant temperature ventilation device, can instantly reduce the drying layer temperature, ensure grain quality, reduce waist burst rate, low cost, popular with the majority of users. Using indirect hot air, the hot air passing through the heat exchanger will not pollute the grain and is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

· Large capacity furnace, unique channel heat exchanger, fully provide heat transfer efficiency;
· Indirect heat transfer, clean hot air, no pollution to grain;
· Patented design of heat exchanger, heat transfer efficiency is higher;
· The cost of operation is lower when multiple fuels (coal, straw and bio-particles) are used.
· Automatic control system, stable hot air temperature, easy to operate.

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