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MLGQ51E Fully automatic rice huller

MLGQ51E Full-automatic threshing machine is a new type of automatic frequency conversion high-efficiency threshing machine, which has been successfully developed by using scientific optimization design and patented technological innovation. It cancels the transmission of traditional threshing machine, uses dual-motor frequency conversion drive for fast and slow rollers, and intelligently operates through touch screen human-machine interface dialogue. It is the key equipment for modern rice mills to improve economic benefits and realize intensive, large-scale and automated production.

Technical parameters:

There is no traditional gear box of rice husker. The fast and slow rollers are driven by dual motor frequency conversion and are automatically switched in use. This improves the transmission efficiency, reduces vibration and noise, improves the production environment and reduces the user's use cost.
High degree of automation, the working state of the machine through touch screen human-machine interface dialogue, intelligent operation, unattended;
It has automatic pressure adjustment and balance device between rolls, realizes automatic feeding, automatic closing of rollers with material, automatic separation of rollers without material, automatic flow control, automatic opening and closing of material doors, overload alarm, real-time display of the working status of the whole machine and other functions.