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Warmly congratulate Senmino on the success of the "two sessions"
Release Time:2017-3-6 11:50:54

  Warmly congratulate Senmino on the success of the "Two Sessions": Seminar on the Establishment of National Industrial Standards for Grain Dryers
—— Summit Forum on the Development of Grain Dryers and Spring Promotion of Seminole in 2017
_On March 1, the seminar on the formulation of national industrial standards for grain dryers was held smoothly.
On March 1, experts from China Machinery Industry Association and China Agricultural Mechanization Association gathered at Wuhu Sanshan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industry Agglomeration Development Base to discuss the formulation of National Industry Standard for Low Temperature Circulating Grain Dryer.
_In recent years, with the increasing support of the state for agriculture, countryside and farmers, China's grain drying machinery has developed rapidly. The proportion of grain dried by machinery has increased dramatically, and the quality of grain drying has attracted more attention. It is imperative to revise the national industry standard of the original grain dryer. As a high-tech enterprise, Anhui Senmino Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. declared to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2015 to formulate the National Industry Standard for Low Temperature Circulating Grain Dryer, which was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and became the main drafting unit for standard formulation and was listed as a key project in our province. According to the experience requirement of products and customers, the company investigates the use of grain dryer, tests the performance of grain dryer on site, accumulates a large amount of data, and provides an important basis for the formulation of the main technical indicators of the standard. In the seminar, the experts pointed out that new standards should be formulated from a forward-looking perspective, combined with the application of localization, intellectualization, digitalization and information technology, so as to optimize and innovate the technical structure, enhance the reliability of agricultural machinery products, achieve the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, start with the standard system, innovate the construction of public service platform, and adopt new standards. Quasi-promotion of structural reform of agricultural mechanization supply side, promotion of upgrading and industrialization of grain dryers.
(reprinted from Anhui Daily)

  Activity glimpse
I warmly welcome all leaders to attend the seminar to guide the formulation of National Industrial Standards for Grain Dryers.

  Leaders and Experts of the Seminar on the Development of National Industrial Standards for Low Temperature Circulating Grain Dryers

  Thank you for coming to the research and guidance of Seminole dryer.

  Talking about the Development of Grain Dryer and Win-win Future

  March 2 "Summit Forum on the Development of Grain Dryers" and 2017 Seminole Spring Promotion Meeting were successfully held
On the morning of March 2, Seminole of Anhui held the Summit Forum on the Development of Grain Dryers and the Spring Promotion Meeting of Seminole Dryers in Jiangcheng and Wuhu grandly. Feng Shusheng, the stationmaster of Anhui Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station, and Sheng Hai, the director of Anhui Agricultural Machinery Administration, came to the scene. Mr. Lu Bifa, Anhui Senmino CEO, delivered a speech at the Summit Forum. More than 200 businessmen from Anhui and its surrounding areas attended the Development Forum and the Summit.
At the presentation meeting, Mr. Lu Bifa, CEO, warmly welcomed all the leading guests and delivered a warm speech. Lu said, "In this vigorous, spring and hopeful season, we come from all over the world to Wuhu, which is known as"open clouds to see trees, rivers to listen to tides"and hold the 2017 Seminole Spring Promotion Conference here, mainly to build an interactive platform between the government, enterprises and customers, and to explore the future of grain. The development direction of food dryer, interpretation of agricultural machinery subsidy policy, enhance communication and cooperation, deepen mutual understanding and trust, and achieve common progress and development.
In order to popularize and publicize the relevant knowledge of low temperature circulating grain dryer and the importance of its application. At the summit forum, Feng Shusheng, the stationmaster of the provincial agricultural machinery appraisal station, gave a keynote speech on the development status and direction of grain dryers. Fengzhong emphasized that the future development direction of dryers should focus on the application of advanced measurement and control technology, intelligent complete sets of equipment or drying operation center to realize the automation of drying process, and simultaneously improve the drying quality and operation efficiency.
"Timely drying, safe storage" is the last key link in the whole mechanization of grain production. It can not only ensure food security, but also effectively improve the efficiency of grain quality. Grain drying is of great significance to national food security, agricultural production efficiency, agricultural product quality and farmers'income. At present, one of the key points of Agricultural Mechanization in our country is to develop in a whole process and in an all-round way. The demand for agricultural machinery extends to pre-and post-production. The hot spot of agricultural machinery demand also develops to drying equipment. The country is also vigorously promoting drying machines and other agricultural machinery products. Sheng Hai, Director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Administration, gave a keynote speech on "Subsidy Policy for Agricultural Machinery Purchase and Development of Drying Machinery" at the summit forum. Sheng pointed out that "2017 is the best year for drying machinery, with both supply and demand boosting and policy promoting. The demand for dryers is unprecedented. The government attaches great importance to it and the policy is good.
Anhui Seminole 2017 Spring Promotion Conference, the division of labor is different, but the goal is the same; different ways, the effect is the same. Through nearly four hours of activity promotion, a considerable number of customers have expressed considerable interest in our latest dryer products and this concessional purchase activity. Many participants actively consulted and signed a contract to order Seminole dryer.
So far, the Spring 2017 Seminole Promotion Conference has come to a successful conclusion. In order to accumulate experience and summarize deficiencies, the last Summary Meeting of Senmino's "Two Sessions" was organized under the chairmanship of Mr. Lu Bifa, General Manager.
Looking back on the past, recalling the past, and looking forward to the future, 2017 has a long way to go. The future is coming. Opportunities are just right. Let's work together, guided by the 13th Five-Year Plan, and work hand in hand to welcome the golden age of Seminole dryers and sound the trumpet of winning the market.
A Survey of Activities
_Warmly congratulate the Summit Forum on the Development of Grain Dryers and the 2007 Seminole Spring Promotion Meeting on its success.

  Thank you to President Feng for his keynote speech on Current Situation and Development Direction of Grain Dryer

  Thanks to Director Sheng for his keynote speech on "Subsidy Policy for Agricultural Machinery Purchase and Development of Drying Machinery"

Mr. Zheng Desheng, Director of Sales, made a presentation on the performance and national patent of Seminole dryer.

Witness the Holy Holy Ceremony of Order and Signing of Seminole Dryer

"Careful service, win the market" Seminole dryer old customers use symposium to share the conference

  ” True Feedback "Lucky Grand Draw, Pratt-Whitney Grand Draw and Ultimate Winner Draw Interaction