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Achieving the Leap from a Big Drying Industry Country to a Powerful Drying Industry Country
Release Time:2015-10-20 14:28:46
Chi Qingyu, Chairman of the Third Council of China General Machinery Drying Equipment Industry Association and Chairman of Tieling Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. of Liaoning Guoneng Group, said in an interview with reporters: "China's drying industry should achieve a leap from a big drying industry country to a strong drying industry country, which is China's drying industry economy. An important link in future development.
_China's drying industry started late and had a weak foundation, but it developed rapidly. The rapid development of industry, agriculture and science and technology has led to the development of drying equipment and better performance in the market. Drying equipment factories have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Some enterprises have a high starting point, adhere to the development of science and technology, and play a role in promoting the development of drying industry. However, there are also "miscellaneous brands" with low investment and low technology content, which occupy the market with a large number of low-quality and low-cost equipment, which not only affects the overall image of drying equipment, but also causes the "internal dispute" of domestic drying equipment prices, resulting in the phenomenon that good products can not sell at a good price, and good products can not compete with bad products. The products with low technology content can not squeeze into the big market, and the "micro-profit management" makes many advantageous enterprises have no advantage in the market, which makes the overall competitiveness of China's drying industry difficult to play.
Faced with the difficulties and confusion of the overall development trend of drying industry, Chi Qingyu said: "The development of drying industry in China must comply with the requirements of market economy development. Enterprises and governments should work together to create a good order for the healthy development of drying industry and make the drying industry bigger and stronger in China."
Large-scale is a strong foundation. To meet the needs of many industries, drying industry must take the road of large-scale development, and only large-scale can we talk about strengthening. At present, the technical content and production efficiency of drying equipment products in China can not meet the market demand, and a considerable part of drying equipment depends on imports from abroad. The petrochemical industry consumes a large amount of US dollars each year to import the required drying equipment. The new challenges and opportunities after China's entry into WTO have attracted close attention of drying industry.
At present, drying equipment manufacturers and relevant research units have realized that making full use of high-tech to transform traditional industries and using information technology to drive industrialization is an important way to enhance the competitiveness of drying industry. We should broaden our horizons, realize the transformation from focusing on production to emphasizing on technology development and marketing, and constantly open up new market areas. At the same time, we should make great efforts to develop our own unique products with high technology content in order to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
_China's drying industry also urgently needs to produce large international competitiveness companies and enterprise groups. China's drying industry now has a certain scale of enterprises, in terms of sales revenue, market share, R&D capabilities, management and sales level, and other aspects of the gap with international giants is obvious. Facing the fierce international competition after China's entry into WTO, drying industry should form a group of large companies and enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights, outstanding main industries and strong core competitiveness through listing, merger, Union and reorganization, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise groups. Good policies and effective measures should be taken to promote effective division of labor and cooperation between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to improve the overall operation efficiency of drying industry in China.
Tieling Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. of Liaoning Guoneng Group, where Chi Qingyu is located, is the birthplace of China's drying industry and has a long history of drying equipment. Through reform, reorganization and restructuring, enterprises have revitalized their assets and revitalized their vitality. At present, "Seiko" brand is widely used in all walks of life and national large-scale engineering projects, and many equipment are exported to foreign countries. Their self-developed five kinds of equipment, vibro-vulcanizing bed, rotary fast dryer and tube bundle dryer, have been recognized as fixed-point products of China's chemical engineering construction by the state.