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How to realize the requirement of energy saving in the development of dryer equipment
Release Time:2015-10-20 14:29:57
Dryer equipment is one of the drying equipment widely used in the market at present. Like many other types of equipment, the development of dryer equipment is also a product full of competition. If we want to develop well, we must make full preparations, not only focus on the immediate results, but also start from the long-term development of the industry. Among them, environmental protection and energy saving is an important part.
From the overall rhythm of dryer equipment development, it is still gratifying for people. Our dryer industry has basically reached the level of domestic supply, and will not rely on international imports to meet the needs of the industry. This is very good, but in some aspects of technology, there is still a need for continuous development and progress. . For example, in terms of more rational products, environmental protection and energy saving, we need to make progress. We should pay more attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy saving and energy in the development. We can use combined heating or heat pipe technology and heat pump transplantation, and develop solar dryer. In order to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions, the automatic control technology of rotary dryer is developed. In addition, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, improving environmental protection measures of rotary dryer to reduce dust and exhaust gas leakage is the ultimate direction for further research.
Regardless of the development of any equipment, technological innovation is a major trend of social development. Only by standing in the forefront of technological renewal can manufacturers achieve the goal of dominating the market. At the same time, we need to enhance our confidence in development, recognize the shortcomings in the dryer equipment industry, make full use of our strengths and weaknesses, and eventually make the dryer step by step towards zero defect development stage.
If we want to achieve "energy saving" well, we need Dehong dryer enterprises to take market demand as the fundamental starting point, manufacture new technology with independent intellectual property rights, in order to ultimately realize the production of energy-saving products.