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Seminole dryer shines at Anhui Agricultural Fair
Release Time:2016-9-20 14:48:13


From September 9 to 11, the Famous and Excellent Agricultural Products and Agricultural Industrialization Fair of Anhui Province, China Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in No. 10 Hall of Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hefei. The theme of the exhibition was "Promoting the level of agricultural machinery and equipment to serve modern ecological agriculture".

Participating in the agricultural machinery exhibition, Anhui Senmino brought 5HPS-20A low-temperature circulating environmental protection dryer and 5L-45 multi-functional environmental protection hot stove developed by the company independently. The unique design of "high-value" modern agricultural machinery equipment attracted endless pedestrians. In addition to the appearance of "high face value", providing energy-saving drying equipment with high quality and high efficiency is the goal of Seminole. The company's goal is to make the company's drying equipment become the customer's preferred equipment, products to achieve the best performance-price ratio in the dryer industry. Anhui Seminole Grain Dryer Attracts Attention

The Agricultural Fair has achieved fruitful results and advanced scale.
There is a stand in Pavilion No. 10 which is quite noticeable-Anhui Seminole dryer

"High beauty value" of modern agricultural machinery and equipment eye-catching!

Leaders such as Song Guoquan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, and Lin Xuwen, Vice Mayor of Wuhu City, visited the Seminole booth in Anhui Province.

Sun Zhengdong, director of the Provincial Agricultural Committee, and other leaders visited and learned about the Seminole exhibition equipment in Anhui Province.

Xiang Jihui, mayor of Sanshan District of Wuhu City, visited the Seminole booth in Anhui Province.
The successful closing of the agricultural fair and the establishment of a platform for exhibition cooperation, Anhui Sen Mino will take this opportunity to focus more on the research and development of new products, to the development of serialization and intellectualization in the future, to provide Internet + agricultural machinery support for China's agricultural modernization, to improve the competitiveness of agriculture in China and to promote the development of modern agriculture in China. Offer strength!